Welcome to GUMchurch’s new blog!  This is yet another way that our faith community can share stories, build relationships, and grow together in our pursuit of actively living the example of Jesus.

Why a blog?

Well, for a couple reasons: blogs are both immediate (meaning we can reach a significant number of people in an instant) and interactive (meaning healthy discussion and conversation around topics is available and encouraged!).

Our faith community has grown large enough (yay!) that providing opportunities for some of the more “feel-good” stories has become increasingly difficult. A blog is a way to engage and story-tell with nearly all of our faith community in a timely and cost-effective manner.

*Please note that this blog is moderated and comments will not post until approved by a moderator.

Who will be posting?

While this blog will be managed and edited by Director of Marketing, the posts will be written by guests who are in leadership roles, are active in a particular ministry area, or simply have a story to share.  (If you’d like to guest blog, please contact Holly@GUMonline.org)

How is this different from other communication methods?

All of the communication at GUMchurch whether it’s the newsletter, worship bulletin, signage, emails, or anything else is designed for a specific purpose and with specific audiences in mind. For example, the Sunday morning worship bulletin is designed primarily for the needs of guests who are young families (as prescribed in our Vital Church Initiative report). Where as, the GUMwrapper newsletter is designed primarily to give existing members of our faith community a single point of access to details regarding all events in the upcoming month.

This blog is designed primarily for existing members of our faith community to provide a deeper look into ministry areas and the people who are involved in them.  Think pictures, stories, and learning something new about the people we are in community with.

What about the folks in the community who aren’t online?

Another reason a blog was chosen as the medium for community storytelling is that it is pretty simple to print a copy of the blog and snail mail in to the handful of households who don’t have internet access. (If you are one of our friends without a computer or some internet access:  be sure the church office knows this and has current mailing info for you!)



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