Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory with a Candlestick

Guest Blogger: Bailey Williams

My name is Bailey and I have been a member of Wesley Fellowship at GVSU for about two years now. I recently became an intern at GUM church where we just hosted a live version of the game Clue for the fifth and sixth graders. When I asked members of the Wesley Fellowship to help the church, they did not hesitate for a second and were right by my side offering their assistance.


When it was finally time to come together and get the show on the road, I was amazed at what I saw. The integration of the Fellowship and the church members was effortless. Even the children latched on to the new, friendly faces and were eager to interact as they solved the murder mystery.


When Colonel Mustard was caught in the conservatory with a candlestick, I was thrilled to hear the reviews of the game. I was even more excited to hear my friends from Wesley ask what we were doing next, and if they could join us. I am so pleased to be involved with two fantastic groups and have the opportunity to bring these two groups into one place and have them work together and get along so well.




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