Building Relationship with Community House

Editor’s Notes: On Sunday April 23, GUMchurch welcomed Rose Simmons from United Methodist Community House to share her work and the work of UMCH in honor of United Methodist Women Sunday.  This is part of an ongoing effort to build a relationship between the people of GUMchurch and the people of UMCH.  The GUMchurch community has been provided Christmas gifts for our friends at UMCH through a Giving Tree for many years.



Guest Blogger:  Sandie Johnston-Ammerman

I was first introduced to the United Methodist Community House (UMCH) by my United Methodist Women’s circle at GUMchurch.

UMCH has many children that come in at various times, as well as seniors that come to play bingo, get a warm meal, etc.  I was introduced to Miss Rose (Simmons) who was in charge of the senior program and Miss Tammy (Belton) who runs the children’s programs. I learned that the seniors at UMCH are usually in need of warm clothes, boots and gloves.  The children are in need of long pants, mittens, hats, boots and love receiving a toy at Christmas time.

I felt called to start a Giving Tree at Christmas Time as a ministry with the people of Community House.  Each year, a tree is placed in the back of the sanctuary at GUMchurch and covered with tags that list items needed by our friends at UMCH. People take these tags and return them with the purchased gift. (ALL of the tags have been taken each year!)


Miss Rose is now in charge of a home known as The First Step House. It is a temporary place to stay for adult women who are referred by a judge or social worker and are in need of a job or temporary housing.  The women usually come into the home with only the clothes they have and are in need of some nice clothing, boots, and personal items. Generally anywhere from four to seven women live at the house.

My UMW Circle at GUMchurch (Miriam Circle, led by Joan Doney) works together to gather and deliver these supplies to the women of First Step House.

For more information on United Methodist Community House, click here.

For more information on UMW at GUMchurch, email


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