Family Camp 2017 Kicks Off!

“Family Camp is my favorite week of my life.”  – Owen, age 7

“At Family Camp, I don’t have to worry about who my kids are running off to play with.”  – Mom of 3.

On Sunday July 16, families of all shapes and sizes moved in to beautiful Lake Michigan Camp for a week full of new friends, old friends, nature, and growing our community with each other and God. Tents, platform tents, pop-ups, trailers are everywhere with folks helping each other set up and sharing toys and tools.


The first night was a bit chilly but we warmed ourselves by the fire and created huge smiles on the faces of kids (and adults) with delicious s’mores.  Some folks ventured over the dunes to take in the stars by the lake and for a chance to catch a glimpse of the northern lights that were scheduled to be visible in the wee hours of Monday morning. (As of 11:45pm they had not appeared and I don’t think anyone made it any later)

Monday morning came with our first community devotions of the week where we learned that God is in all things and values all things big and small . Kids considered what the world would be like without small things like leaves, acorns, sand, and rocks.  When asked what would happen if there were no kids in the world, responses included:

“Adults would be SO lonely.” – Arlie, age 10

“Adults would be SO happy.” – Allison, age 9

But amongst the laughs, the value of God’s creation was not lost.

Tucked in with morning devotions was giant Kerplunk, giant checkers, and kickball croquet along with games of Risk, Pass the Pig, and making friendship bracelets. Some folks headed to the beach, climbed up to play in the dunes or headed to the playground.


Family Camp is off to a roaring start! Come on up for a day trip to check it out!


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